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Diamante Series


[dee-a-mont-eh] (noun), Italian for Diamond 

Viaggio’s Diamante Series is the flagship boat of our line-up and completely unique against the competition. With our exclusive matte metallic fencing and custom extruded 3″ rails, this boat stands alone in the market. Luxury, individuality, a look that will rival even the highest end brands on the water.

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diamante pontoon boat

Diamante Models

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Diamante Series Model S

21' | 23' | 26'

Our Diamante S is the perfect boat for relaxing out on the water. With its characteristic “Swingback” rear lounger you can position the rear seat to face forward like a bench seat or face backward making the seat into a sun deck or lounger.

Diamante Series Model Q

21' | 23' | 26'

Our Diamante Q is one of our best-selling boats and a popular choice for couples going for cruises with friends or planning a day on the water with family! With four full-sized captain’s chairs, there is plenty of room for riders to be in max comfort and well-positioned for some great conversation. Our new straight rear bench with a movable center seat, makes this boat feel more like a ski boat than a pontoon!

Diamante Series Model R

21' | 23' | 26'

Our Diamante R is the ultimate fishing pontoon all dressed up in luxury! With one of the best rear fishing stations in the business, you will love the versatility of this boat.

Diamante Series Model B

21' | 23' | 26'

Our Diamante B is the best party on the water! Our classy bar top comes with bottle and can holders, along with all the amenities standard on our Diamante series.

Diamante Series Model T

23', 26'

Our Diamante T is one of our new models for 2022 incorporating three full-sized captain’s chairs allowing plenty of room for riders to be in max comfort and well-positioned for some great conversation. You will also still have your lounger seats in the bow and one lounger in the back for laying out and relaxing, plus a corner seat!

Diamante Series Model E

23', 26'

Our Diamante E is one of our new unforeseen models for 2022, replacing one of the bow loungers with two extra recliner captain’s chairs.

Diamante Series Model U

21', 23', 26'

Our Diamante U has our classic “U” shaped seating in the stern and bow with ample space for passengers to sit and relax.

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